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Welcome to Pegasus Linen!
My name is Tatiana and I come from Nothern Greece. I own a small studio next to my home.
Cotton has always been a way of life for me. I use to call it: “Cotton Living”. In my heritage, cotton has always been the top material for clothes and linens. Beyond health benefits, there are many reasons to prefer cotton. Whether you like your cotton to be soft or crisp, it will always make you feel comfortable and protected. Soft flannels will warm you up on cold days and be the gentlest fabric for your baby's sensitive skin. Crisp percale will always reach your expectations to keep you cool in summers, warm in winters. It is the optimum quality material that will give you the feeling of clean freshness and luxury at the same time.

In my shop you will find the best quality cottons in a variety of colors and simple patterns with the option of material, design and embroidery personalization.
The color pallet I use creates a calming mood, a feeling of peace and relaxation. Most of my products are based in simple material combinations and patterns. My aim is to provide you with new products, enriched with your personal touch, that will help you feel calmed in your home in the most luxurious way.
As you will notice when exploring my site, I prefer simple patterns that reflect the feeling of an everyday luxury. Simplicity glances class, elegance, and beauty.
If you love this way of life, then “Welcome”. You are in the right place to cover your everyday needs in high quality and aesthetically pleasing linens.

All my top quality embroidery patterns are inspired by our natural surrounding and elements such as, the Aegean Sea, the Mediterranean breeze and the blue sky of Greece.
After 3 years of research I managed to find the highest quality fabrics for my pieces. My love for my work is depicted in the details. This is the difference between mass production items and handmade. Details.

As for the name Pegasus, I wanted a name that will reflect pureness, clearness, and virginity just like the materials I use.
Pegasus was the sacred winged horse of Greek Mythology. Pegasus is generally considered a divine gift of great importance.

It is part of my philosophy to supply my materials locally. In Greece there are left only few excellent cotton industries that provide top quality cotton production.
For my cotton trimmings, my research led me to the best German, Spanish and Portuguese suppliers. And to be honest, they deserve their fame.
Whenever is needed, Ι use some non-cotton trimmings like satin or synthetic supply. In that case, I always make sure to mention it at the item’s descriptions.
My embroideries are all done with Madeira Rayon threads that are the best quality. Their color and shine will not fade and it will accent the pattern. You will be also impressed from the variety font and symbols.
Please feel free to contact me for any further information. It will be my pleasure to assist with your purchases and provide you with further details about my products.
E-mail: pegasuslinen @ hotmail.com
Thank you so much for visiting my shop!

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